Present with us!

First of all - why? Let's find out what's in it for you!

The Glory!

Never to be underestimated, glory is a major psychological factor in driving motivation and particularly motivation to learn!

A certificate!

A glorious addition to your CV!

An ISCP Workplace Based Assessment!

Once the paper has been presented at our journal club you will be able to get a workplace based assessment (Assessment of Teaching) signed off on ISCP!

The fulfilling sensation of being part of our "sharing is caring" philosophy!

Every little fragment of knowledge generated and propagated with your help will be released under an attribution-non commercial-share alike licence! Creative Commons License - because sharing is caring!

Ground Rules!

After reading about the multiple advantages of presenting with us, before committing to it read our ground rules!

  • All paper presentations are duets! If you want you can bring in a partner to present with, otherwise you will pair with one of us!
  • We will assign you a paper, but we are happy to take suggestions!
  • If you are presenting you will need to prepare a powerpoint based on our CRAM Template - see below.
  • Before going live you will need to have a chat with one of us to discuss your presentation!
  • We strongly encourage you to submit a letter to the editor following the discussion of the paper presented - this should be done withing 48h of the presentation!
  • Generally speaking if you commit to it, do it! And be on time!

Happy with all of the above? Fill in this form to get on with it! Download the presentation template here.